“In a rich, bleeding-at-midnight palette, the splendid cinematography by Ben Kutchins evokes a downscale New York answer to the icy Los Angeles noir of Michael Mann.”

                                                 - Stephen Holden, New York Times, BOMB THE SYSTEM


“Ben Kutchins' hallucinatory, colorful cinematography infuses the proceedings with an intensity and power.” 

                                                 - Hollywood Reporter, BOMB THE SYSTEM


“Ben Kutchins uses a saturated palette of indigos, ultramarines, ochers, and absinthes suggestive of a thugged-out Christopher Doyle.”

                                                 - Peter L’Official, Village Voice, BOMB THE SYSTEM


"The cinematography works more from grime than grim, capturing a battered backdrop for the characters rather than a cartoon battlefield of drugs and crime." 

                                                   - Newcity, 10,000 SAINTS


“Ben Kutchins’ cinematography is dark and moody. This movie looks gorgeous.”

                                                 - Drew Taylor, Moviefone, VERONICA MARS 


“On the plus side are Ben Kutchins’ widescreen lensing and heightened lighting scheme.”

                                                 - Sheri Linden, Hollywood Reporter, VERONICA MARS


“Ben Kutchins’ work is topnotch, giving the interiors of Sam's home an Old World glow, all dark shadows and amber lighting.”

                                                 - Justin Chang, Variety, HOLY ROLLERS


“Beautifully polished, tremendously glossy... damn, the movie looks good.  For that, all hail Ben Kutchins, director of photography... locations glow with heavenly light... actor’s eyes sparkle.”

                                                 - Peter Martin, Twitch Film, THE ART OF GETTING BY


“Ben Kutchins’ shooting is top notch.”

                                                 -  Variety, THE ART OF GETTING BY